Welcome and enjoy your visit! — here you will find information on the various  programs and services I am commited to sharing with you.

In addition to regular yoga classes I offer a range of healing and growth - orientated modalities to support individuals in the search for greater ease and well being in daily life.

I provide a few specialty services including workshops, private sessions, and consultations in  yoga as therapy in the Washington DC area. Please click below for featured specialties.

Yoga Nidra

This ancient technique of guided mediation  promises deep relaxation, rest  and self inquiry. Perfect for those who need to relax but have difficulty meditating.  Yoga nidra can be personalized for use to deepen a spiritual practice or in clinical settings.

LifeForce Yoga® For Anxiety and Depression

Proven techniques to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression through yoga breathing, poses and mediation. Perfect as a combination therapy.

Yoga For Individuals

Are classes not giving you the special attention you deserve? Would you like to deepen your practice in a private setting? Whether you are looking for asana alignment attention or a meditation practice, yoga for individuals is geared to meet you where you are and support your growth as a yogi.

Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

Washington School of Psychiatry Workshop

Washington School of Psychiatry Workshop

Are you a psychiatrist, psychologist or LCSW looking to incorporate yoga in to your private practice? Learn how to create office appropriate yoga techniques that will increase your range of expertise and better serve your patients.